I'm a girl with a dream. I love well made wine, good design and a story that draws you in. The wine that found me is TRUNK UP.


My path to making wine began with the desire to create beautiful design. As a Graphic Designer, I love being able to create in a way that can connect.


One of my side-hustles was working with a group that promotes wine grown in the Napa Valley. For over a decade, I had the opportunity to conceptualize and design wine brands from the ground up and learn to taste wine with some of the best and brightest in the industry. My own personal master class also brought dear friendships that I treasure today.


Emboldened by this combination of experiences and serendipity, I launched a wine conceived around an ancient mascot.


The goal of TRUNK UP is to build fellowship around support and concern for the mighty Elephant through the powerful connectors of exceptional wine & beautiful design.